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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  May 11, 2010 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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the break and made it sound like i said barack obama was a satan worsh welcome to "red eye." it is like a tree grows in brooke bin. -- brooklyn. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. what's coming up on tonight's show? >> president obama announces his choice to replace justin stevens on the court, but does his pick have less judicial experience than rhinehold? and why are some collecting unemployment instead of working? and finally, a grandmother arrested for smacking her grand daughter? the story so shocking you won't even be shocked. greg? >> thank you, andy. >> grow up, greg. >> you grow up, infinity. >> i stand by what i said. >> let's welcome our guest. i am here with the vie vaishs and delightful fox news correspondent.
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she is so hot, she can popcorn just by staring at it. i would like to welcome a first time guest. it is ken blackwell, vice chairman of the republican national platform committee. he knows the rnc like i know the ufc. i am a big fan of sweaty men grappling. and it is my repulsive sidekick, bill shultz. he could be used as a backless vacuum. and sitting next to me, the great comedian jim norton. you can catch him in atlantic city july 2nd and 3rd. 23* hilarity was a bib, i would bewaring him while eating lobster. he is long in a tiewt and a stranger to the truth. good to see you, pinchy. >> check out today's business section article on one d-pac chopra who is like oprah and if arrested for fraud better not drop the soapa. >> nicely done. >> he doesn't give a fudge that she may not be a judge. president obama uh united states nod his pick to replace retiring supreme court justice john paul stevens who i
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thought was in lead swrep lynn. i don't know. -- led-zeplin. that means it is time for another eped- episode of hello barry. in this hilarious episode, barry remind us that elena is regarded as one of the nation's foremost legal minds. elean is widely regarded as one of the nation's for most legal minds with a rich understanding of constitution allah. she is a former white house aide with a life-long commitment to public service and a firm grasp of boundaries to the government. she is a trail blazing leader, the first woman to serve as dean of harvard law school, and one of the most successful and beloved deans in history. >> they were ram bopping
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shoes. i have -- rambunctious. while some are concerned that kagan has never been a judge, others point out the rep toer -- point out the former dean is a smarty pants and argues cases before the supreme court. so at the very least show knows where the building is. but kagan has taken heat by conservatives to not allow the hard vard law office to recruit students which is because of don't ask don't tell. some lids are upset over kagan's expanded executive authority for the president like detention surveillance and questioning of suspected it terrorists. but what does budweiser-loving dog think? >> it does -- it doesn't look like he likes bud -- budweiser
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at all. are you basically the legal expert. >> as far as the supreme court goes, i don't even know if she can do it. they say she is filming the sequel. i just feel like -- here is the thing. obama knows what she is like. there is really no record of her voting, so people when they are putting her through the process of voting her in and out, they are not going to know her opinions. obama knows her opinions. it is a smart move to sneak somebody in. >> it is a good strategy. they do this a lot. they find somebody with no past so she can't be borked. >> there are two standards that we need to stay focused on. first is the obama standard. he said ali toe and roberts were -- alito and roberts were qualified, and he lead the effort to fill law buer. so they didn't have the view of the constitution that he shared. and therefore he thought it was worthy of stopping their candidacy.
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and the other is the kagan standard. she said in 1995 in a university of chicago -- a university of chicago law review that the nomination process was bankrupt. if you couldn't ask tough questions. i'm hoping we used the standards. >> a lot of people don't know what her [stances|instances] are on many topics. i know one stance that looks strong. check that out. she can hit. that is a strong stance. that's from a yearbook from the mid-nineties. >> we need her on the "red eye" softball team. >> that's not just a softball player. that's a softball player manager. >> she can teach you how to hit. courtney, do we need another woman on the court? we have like six. >> she will make the third. i'm concerned she has never been a judge. if you are hiring a supreme doctor, wouldn't you want an actual doctor to be nominated?
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>> i like the idea of supreme doctor. >> she is just going to take over the liberal spot. it is not really a game changer. it is not really a swing vote. keeping things as is. >> speaking of swing vote, she is a lot like you in that both the left and the right have issues with her. >> right. >> in a way, is that a good thing for her if two sides have problems with her she is right in the middle? is that some kind of theory? >> the left and the right have problems with her, and yet they can agree to disagree that she is sort of awesome like me. she has a buck 50 on -- $1.50 on me, but i have a better tan. i want to get to the supreme doctor thing. a supreme doctor is somebody who gives you a prostate exam. i want one. >> the military thing bugs me. it seems like a liberal cliche that she wouldn't want him to come to the harvard campus.
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they defend these very students. >> it is weird for mee. i love the military, but any type of anti-gay stance uh annoys me so much. just stop it. i'm not going to go fight. i'm a sissy. i don't care if you are gay. you want to fight? let him fight. >> i agree with you completely. however, i think linking it to keeping them from recruiting is wrong. i just don't think you have to link them together. you can say it is wrong, but still have them come there. we will agree to disagree. >> yeah, like gentlemen. >> exactly. shall we move on? i am already board from this topic. from swearing in to weighing in. i just love the weigh ins. not marlon and key kee -- keenan way januaries. due to the rise of cell phone cameras, the national federation of state high school associations has -- starting next season wrestlers can no longer weigh in all
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nakey-nakey and whatnot. the assistant director of the association says -- >> if i was in a state association office, i would rather have someone upset at me that their daughter or son was a 10th of a pound overweight and call and tell me, why is there a picture on the internet? >> that's a great point, and an important one. how is this going to affect dog on turtle racing? glad you asked. >> that is amazing. but they are still completely naked. some traditions nef change. jim, is this a massive loss for society when you can't even weigh yourself nude? >> it makes me regret filling out an application to coach high school wrestling. what a creepy country it is. i understand the dilemma, but how creepy. you can't be weighed in nude
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because somebody might take a picture of you on a scale. that creeps. >> you are the guy with the camera though. >> i see ad -- i say" we." >> i tell you what will be next. >> what? >> they will all have to wear little rascal old-time swimming suits to go to the shower. or all of us will go around and start breaking up machines and new technology. >> good . there is a news anchor, not at this network, at the gym has to shower in his clothes because he doesn't want anybody taking a picture of him. >> why? >> he doesn't want anybody taking a picture of him. >> we know how he is built then. anyone built well always wants pictures. >> i know who he is talking about, and the guy is stacked. it is called common privacy. >> naked weigh ins are necessary to check for contagious diseases. is this why you do it? >> i have five different ring worms on my person as we speak, greg.
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thank god i'm not wreg lig -- wrestling anybody. the thing i don't get, we all have cameras, but if they are wearing the same singlet, what does it matter? i don't see what the problem is. like the sports illustrated swim set issue, it is sexy to leave a little to the imagination. if you see the curves, but not everything,-- this is not so much. >> do you worry at the gym people are taking snap shots of you showering at the gym? >> i don't shower at the gym. >> neither do i. >> they say the concern is technology. i am still thinking that high school wrestling is so dangerous because of the weight loss. the high school friends i had, they would carry the -- the wrestlers would carry spoons with them to spiewk. -- to puke. they would lie in bed for three days and suck on ice cubes. they would run outside in trash bags. that's very, very dangerous. i hope they are taking into
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account the extra pound of underwear. how much do underwear weigh? >> wrestling is strange. the idea of getting so intimate with another man, i just don't get it. did you wrestle? you look like a wrestler. >> i did. but the other person didn't realize we were wrestling until i jumped on them. the thing that is great, if they are naked, where are the people hiding the cameras to take photos? >> how is that happening? >> it doesn't take place in an arena, it is aing loor room. >> but people put cameras in everything. you hear about guys that rent out places to college students. you find he placed a tiny camera inside like a shower bottle. i have no intimate knowledge of this. >> weigh ins are already traumatic enough. when i go to the doctor to weigh in, i am taking off my watch and shoes. i know if i don't hit that weight, he will be on me, and my wife will be on me.
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we just added trauma to the weigh in. >> speaking of trauma, has anybody watched tyra banks lately. -- lately? >> no. she is compelling. >> i think this is my favorite thing she has ever done on the history of tv. >> you may have already seen that, but i had to show that. what is she doing? >> greg, she apparently got bit by a dog, so she claims. i think it may have been a long way to go for a joke and then that whole rabies fun with the unknowing audience later in the show. i have never seen a more
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committed thesbian in my life. >> i thought she was doing an impression of people watching her show. boo, tyra. >> that gets a boo from jim norton. >> a loud boo. it was is a prank and then she goes, it is tyra pranks. she did. >> she is trying to make weight for the wrestling. >> very good call. now to the greg-alogue. it is a meat hook of morality. i spent shorty robes watching tv over the weekend watching many rise the root causes of terrorism merry go round. they expressed surprise that so many well educated and well-bred men tried to kill us. as if it makes you immune to poisonous ideology. as long as they focus on the bomber and not what made him a boarm, it is like mistaking a
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recipe for a meal. these guys despite their education devised to offer something they can't find anywhere else, recognition. the shortest line to fame is infamy. think about how it works in america. if you are a young man out to impress a woman, he may obsess over his quads at the gym. a few alternatives exist for jihad-existing losers, when your koel few demonizes women. they are left to the i'm musing senses of women. they join death cult that promises all of the virgins later. angry men meet radical islam. it has nothing to do with education or class. it has to do with sexual hopelessness and a mad system that created it to capitalize on it. which is why the only people who can help stop this is the women of islam. they need to remind their men that their women are here on earth and not up there. if you disagree with me, you
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are a racist homo fob who can't bench press half his weight like me. >> the "new york times" did a piece on a muslim cleric who is now preaching jihad against america. he has been busted twice with prostitutes. what is it about them and women? >> i never thought i could relate to a jihadist before. but we have a common ground. >> isn't that all it takes? >> i don't care what your religion is, if i bump into you on the erotic section on craigslist, you understand why i am dl and you understand why -- i understand why you are there and you i. sex is an outlet. as a young guy you will be an awful person. >> exactly. they sit and -- okay, you know that radical easy islam -- islam capitalizes on these guys. but these guys, it is all about legend.
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>> what do you make of it? >> i happen to believe in the jew day yaw christian heritage. we are all people and human dignity. they demonize women, they degrade women, and that's a problem. >> i want to show you -- this is a clip, i guess this was on "meet the press." her name is katy-k. she feels terrorism can be caused by trying to stop terrorism. take it away. >> there is an argument about whether that kind of racial profiling drives people to extremism. i have heard moderate muslims say they have known people who were moderate, law abiding muslims who when they felt racial screenings, they have turned toward extremism. it is a dangerous weapon, racial screening. i think it is already happening here, but it is something that has to be used carefully. >> i lost track. when they showed david gregory's hair, i fade out. she was talking about airport
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screening. she was calling it racial screening. she said by employing security measures to prevent terrorism it is like a moderate guy into an eek -- extremist. >> yeah. you have to take your shoeses off and strap on a bomb. people are just blaming themselves because they can't face the fact that radical islam, you can't be rational. if i don't behave that way their ideology won't be that. their ideology is that because of that and not because of our naughtiness. >> bill, you are luckless with women, but you don't blow people up. >> yes, but there are other perverted things i can look up on the internet or do to my person. they can't. they are twig and berries and they are not allowed to do it. that's the real issue. >> what are radical islamic women promised?
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32 virgins too? >> no, that they don't have to smell their own armpit hair in the burkas they wear. swree to move on. coming up, a long, uncomfortable silence breaken by a commercial break. and why this grandma spent a night in the slamma. why she was arrested. look at her.
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hey there, this is your lamp. why don't you show the lady how romantic you can be by turning me off? you'll set the mood while using a lot less energy. maybe later you can hook me up with a cfl. it will show how much you care for the environment. [announcer] learn to speak the language of energy efficiency at, where you'll find plenty of energy-saving tips. ahhhhh. the passion. you can just open your hand? why maintain the flora and fawna if you don't wanna. i speak of landscapers and everybody knew that who are rejecting work offers so they can continue offering unemployment benefits. why is that? they can make as much
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collecting checks from the state as they would mowing lawns on someone's estate. it is true. after tacks a full-time landscaper there earns about $350 a week or $905 more than a job -- or $95 more than a jobless check. so many are deciding the scenery at home is better than not working. they can stay on it for 99 weeks. plenty of time to come up with new uses for motor bikes. >> motor bikes are awesome. they are like bikes, but with motors. >> that's why they are called motor bikes. >> they are insense tiesing unemployment. >> it is hard to believe somebody would want to sit around and collect money instead of getting stunning by bees all day. of course you would. >> exactly. >> who wouldn't? you are a dumbbell if you think you would rather and do something then you are aned
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yet and i wouldn't trust your judgment. >> would you blame people for gaming the system? >> in the mid-nineties we changed welfare as we knew it. i tell you what, we are going back to the nanny state. landscaping is hard work. this is an excellent example of what will happen if you start to give illegal benefits. who is gonna cut the grass? >> that's true. bill still would. bill, you get food stamps, but you eat them instead of actually using them. why is that? >> they are food stamps. i assume they are edible. i worked at landscaping when i was younger. it is not that hard, greg. the kind of people that do it are the kind of people that do their own landscaping, if you know what i'm saying. but these guys are devoted because they still make $95 less per week staying home than they would working out in the grass on a nice day. it is not that bad. i respect them for that. that is like taking laziness over money every time.
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that $95 adds up. at the end of the month you are left with like $700 $800. >> courtney, would you do that? >> no, i don't want all of these free loaders out there. i work hard. it is good to have a job for your mental health. you go to work and you might be able to meet people. your semipermanent job could turn into a full time job. >> you're right. i would drive myself crazy. i would end up drunk from morning -- well, i am. but you know what i mean. i have to have something to look forward to. and besides when you give somebody something free, they want to keep it. >> and there is a joy starting as a landscaping contributor or anchor. or being the head of your own landscaping network. all of this ladder they can go to. >> keep dreaming. >> some think they are too good to take a job. >> i don't know. they are just lazy. if somebody paid you not to tell jokes? >> please, people have tried.
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i actually love -- well, we i can kicked off the radio and we were off for 26 months and it was torture. it is like my job. landscaping is what i do. >> you have to work. >> i love work. i really love it. >> do you have a comment on our show? it is "red eye" at fox news .com. call 412-46 2-5050. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by my childhood baby-sitter. i remember people making fun of them all the time and never understood why. i guess they saw the world differently than the rest of us. thank you my childhood baby-sitter brothers.
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welcome back. let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. let's go to andy levy. i heard you took in a mass at the metro on sunday. >> i did, greg. i think. i was there with my family for mother's day. >> terrific. >> we all froze our asses off. >> i'm sure they enjoyed the playing the balls. >> they d as i get older mother's day depresses me because i realize i am never going to be a mom. >> that's society's fault. it is society's loss. >> elena kagan, and not elena. i thought you would pronounce
3:30 am
that name right. >> i get my wife's name wrong many times. >> shame on pom -- on president obama for not picking betty white. the nerve. jim, you said kagan does not have a paper trail. even her close friends say they have no idea what her opinions are on the big issues. >> i like that. i am tired of knowing everybody's opinions before they go in. it is boring. get in there and see how much you wreck the country. it will be fun. >> ken, you said you have the obama standard where you want to filibuster roberts and alito and he can't have it both ways. i bet he can. courtney, you said you are a little concerned that kagan hasn't been a judge, which others agree with. but there have been a bufn of supreme court justices -- a bunch of supreme court justices that were not judges. >> i know, but that was a longtime ago. >> it was not a longtime ago.
3:31 am
>> and they were men which is okay. >> i think it was nixon in 71 nominated them. it leads me to a question for ken. he says he will not support kagan's nomination because of her lack of judicial experience. do you think he would have said the same thing about rehnquist? >> no. >> i like an honest answer. greg, you said it bothers you kagan didn't want to allow the military to recruit. in fact, she did allow the military to recruit. just not in the main office. >> it still angers me. >> i don't agree with her, but you were wrong. >> i think it was a political -- a cliched liberal stance, a political stance. it was not out of any principal. that's my opinion. >> by the way, when kagan was dean of harvard law school she made 29 faculty hires. 23 were white males and only one of 29 was not white. she might have some splaining
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to do. no more nude weigh ins for high school wrestlers, the saddest story of the day. does anyone have a camera? i have to say i don't get the whole thing. why not do the weigh ins in private? >> i guess that would remove the fun though of everybody seeing each other naked. that would make sense than to do it with some creepy coach alone. >> it does create a problem. they can't be alone because there is a fear something might happen. >> but you can have both coaches and an official. it doesn't have to be private-private, but three adults and the kids. >> i'm looking forward to see how greta covers this. i think it is a whole hour. >> all right. bill, you said you don't see what the problem is if they are all wearing the same, sexy singlet. they will all have the same amount of weight added. as courtney points out, they will need to callibrate the scale. >> this word callibrate,
3:33 am
sounds big. sounds like you made it up. >> callibrate, stands for the music. >> oh! continue. >> ken, you believe we are all equal in human dignity. spend a little time with bill and you won't think that. >> i just want to say listening to the questions you have asked me, consistency is the stuff of little minds. >> i think i was insulted. i'm fairly certain. you know what, i'm going to be the bigger man and let it go. courtney, you asked what muslim women suicide bombers are promised when they get to heaven. some say muslim women in paradise are rebuilt young and beautiful with perpetual virginity. unlike are to the men there is no promise of virgins for them. >> hold on. but they have to stay a virgin forever? that's no fun. >> that is apparently considered a reward. >> how is that a reward? >> i am not clear on that.
3:34 am
>> again, that's why there is hardly any suicide women bombers. >> from the quran, it means they can have sex, but they will be a virgin again after the sex. that still doesn't sound like a good deal for them. >> that's a redundant born again virgin. >> how many times do you want to yell ouch? >> and lastly michigan landscapers would rather get unemployment than find a job. bill, you said you would drive yourself crazy, but i think you would drive your wife crazy. >> that is true. >> i'm done. >> thanks for that. let's welcome back our guests. courtney friel, she is so hot the heat index is called the court knee index. ken blackwell. he knows the rnc like i know the gnc. and jim norton, if hilarity was a jack in the box, i would turn his crank until he pops.
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and it was a senior citizen smack down of the first order. in the second order, assault and battery charges. she was arrested after she was said to have slapped her granddaughter for not doing her home work. theresa collier says, quote, she kept repeating the f-word to me about the whole family. she went on and on and i gu got so upset i got up and slapped her across the face. she grabbed my wrist and i couldn't get out of it. she let one go and punched me in the cheek here. >> what was she wearing? >> i don't know. >> what kind of shawl was that? >> an attractive older woman that though. my kind of cougar. >> they went to court to sign a form not to prosecute, but gram-gram has declined to press charges.
3:36 am
let's go live to our florida correspondent for more of our breaking story. what's the latest on all this? >> don't shake his hand. kid has problems. what's wrong with the world when a granddaughter can call the cops on the grand mother for basically doing her job? >> i tell you, that was a standard when i was growing up. there would be a lot of grandmothers doing hard time. a message to the young lady, don't go to thanksgiving dinner. watch your back. >> very true. >> jim, as a father of six adorable kids, how do you -- where do you stand on hitting children? >> well, i never hit my own, but i do hit other people's. like a lot of you, i have had enough of the violent crimes of the elderly, and i think it is time they are arrested.
3:37 am
how many old women have been hitting people and getting away with it for years? >> people are terrified to turn them in. >> that's one of the things where the cops show up and they have to. if they had to do it. what kind of tough cop arrests a 73-year-old for slapping her granddaughter? >> he probably did not want to do it. he had to do the separation and take them to different places. courtney, doesn't the granny have every right to slap her? >> totally. she was kicked out of catholic school for cursing at a nun. why do young people treat older people like this? >> we are in a society where the kids disrespect the elderly. and the cops, too many get off for arresting people for petty crimes. >> right now we are in an era where cops are social workers. they have no choice but to separate these people when they are fighting. they want to stop crie. they don't want to -- they are not street wise shrinks.
3:38 am
they were fighting over on-line classes. >> that's the injustice. i am a street wise shrink. >> where is your office? >> it is like our studio, i am place to place. stop calling her a kid. she is 18 years old. this woman is an adult. you can best believe she has a couple kids of her own, and i'm sure she was smoking during the entire time from inception to birth. >> where is wc fields when we need him? >> he is dead. >> he says spank your children once a day, you may not know why, but they surely will. >> you know what is interesting, i was always told i was going to get my mouth washed out with soap. it never happened. >> i had it happen once. >> i had a story yesterday how i had hung profanity in my
3:39 am
apartment window. i had no idea they were coming in the backdoor. i thought, oh, hi. i just got home too. like they wouldn't recognize my voice. i sat down and my father took soap and is scraping it against my teeth. but i learned my lesson. i moved out. >> you have to learn to like eating soap. >> it is delicious. >> now if you do that you would be arrested for assault. coming up, i will do a back flip into a glass of water. >> what will kent blackwell have to say about president obama? probably something. i will go with my gut on this one.
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just trying to make you guys aware of what the capabilities are of the knife because you move too slow and you count too much on that one
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shot taking them down, and you have to move. 21 feet. >> he is hiding behind a tree somewhere. somebody is coming down the trail. >> this is a relatively small knife. it is the cold steel spartan. >> just hanging out. >> just hanging out. it is a guy and a knife and his jean shorts. good for him, good for us. >> just hangin out. the address is red eye at fox news .com.
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gu hangin off. peggy leads things off, what is wrong with you? in your mom segments your mom is watching a 20-year-old television watching shows from the 70s. take care of that gin-soaked woman. two things, my mom is not ginso, she prefers vodka and gets it into her mouth. it is not soaking anything. as for the tv and the furniture, she's 85! i did buy her a new flat screen which she refused to accept. apparently the old tv has sentimental value, being that she is the only appliance in the house she knows how to use. dan from aurora, as you know february 24th is billy zane's birthday. if you aren't busy, will you attend my billy zane birthday bash 1234* pants are optional, and feel bring to free street.
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-- treats. i am destroying the words. i feel terrible i came upon this letter -- it is nearly three months after mr. zane's birthday. i hope our belated birthday fishes don't offend him. actually yp we have him -- i think we have him here for comment. >> i like cycling. i like fusing traditional medication with an activity. i enjoy yoga quite a bit, certainly. >> he is magical. how can i make fun of him? felix e-mails us, i saw you eating dinner while having an animated conversation. if your goal is to look perfected it, you seemed annoyed at my glances. you seemed so deeply committed to your sidewalk cafe greg uh log i obviously continued to walk. felix, you are full of crap for three reasons. one, who uses the word wst?
3:46 am
this is not shakespear land in spain. >> it sure is. >> yeah. duh. >> two, as any fan of the show will tell you, i am always happy to talk to them. some say too happy. like desperately in need of approval happy. if i looked annoyed it is because the pill i was taking isn't kicking in. and the gentleman i was eating with? let's not bring that up with my wife. danny from santa ana, california writes, "i think it would be an interesting idea to put andy levy at the round table. if he has been a guest at the round table, i apologize. i have believe on been watching the show for a year. the show is great. we were just thinking of doing that same thing. it is time that andy comes up from the news basement and joins us here. bill, what do you think? >> not comfortable with it, not enough room.
3:47 am
courtney is shaking her head animatedly. sorry, andy. >> another year downstairs. good choice, bill. stay right there. up next we will talk to kent blackwell about his new book. check out the red eye pod cast. search for us in the i-pod section. we will be in there. >> save us.
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it has been called outrageous, alarming and possibly arousing. enough about my new sweatpants. is president obama trying to subvert the constitution and build an imperial presidency? if only someone wrote a book about that and called it "the blueprint." obama's plan is to avert the constitution and build an imperial presidency. to answer that question, wait, kept blackwell did. he has been with us all night. let's talk to him about the book. you were in the running to become chairman of the rnc, but michael steel got it instead. was it because you were black? >> that's what michael told me. >> really? that's nice. no, are there feelings between the two of you? >> no. >> would you have done a better job?
3:52 am
>> i think so. but he won the job and he asked me to come on to help with the redistricting that will take place after the census. and that's a big job. we lay it out in the book why it is important, and how it is an important part of building an imperial presidency and protecting the imperial presidency. >> what is the deal? you hear this stuff about the census and how important it is when in fact people are thinking, isn't it just people unit coulding heads? -- counting heads? why do you see it as a really big negative issue for republicans or for people? >> well, a couple things happen. one, the seats in congress are apportioned by the census continue. -- the census count. and legislatures will redistrict according to the count. getting an accurate count is important. using statistical sampling and using false people or using groups like acorn to falsify
3:53 am
numbers is a problem for the integrity of our democracy, our democratic republic. >> speaking of numbers, how is your book doing? i saw it on the washington post, book world or something that it was number one in nonfiction hard cover? >> absolutely. >> that's incredible. >> we feel good. >> you are beating the oprah biography that is amazing and the michael lewis book. you are selling lots of books. >> we feel real good about that. we felt a little suspicious of our number one ranking by amazon by conspiracy theories. >> yeah, i went on amazon and i thought, your book is up there and you are number one, but they put you under conspiracy. why would somebody do that? >> i would think folks try to marginal lies the book. the only thing that stops the
3:54 am
obama's push for bigger and bigger central government is the constitution. it places limits on executive power. the president's team is looking to change the constitution and to changing the relationship between the central government and the state government, but more importantly between government and individuals in our society. >> do you think the healthcare bill will be struck down? or is it safe? people talk about it being unconstitutional. >> i think it is unconstitutional. i think they made one mistake as they tried to rush us through. they didn't deal with the clause and the mechanism. now if you found one part of the constitution you can throw out the entire bill. i think they violated article one, and we make the case that it can be thrown out. originally 13 state attorneys
3:55 am
generals agreed with us, and they have placed the issue in the courts, and they have been joined buyer on state officials from across the country. >> all right. well, we have to go. one more thing, why should they buy the book? >> the future of our democracy and economy rests on it. the obama administration wants to take us down a path of european-style socialism. the constitution put a brake on that effort. >> ken, the book is called "the blueprint" check it out. they are selling like crazy. we will close things out with a post game wrap up with andy levy. and to see clips of recent shows go to fox news .com/red red eye. it is that easy.
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time to go back to andy levy. >> i understand you got a new i-phone ap available? >> i do. you can download it from your
3:59 am
iphone. i called you greg, i'm sorry. i am actually ahead of oprah. that won't last long now that i bragged. they will crucify me in the ratings. you get lots of ring tones and things. >> and all of the proceeds go to charity i am told. >> yeah. yes. >> where can people find your videos? >> thanks for asking. i do a daily video at fox 411 .com. the top entertainment stories of the day. check it out. >> excellent. quickly, your book was written with a could writer where he wrote with a ghost writer? >> we all have our crosses to bear. >> he is a brilliant constitutional lawyer, and you are a good man. with a big brain. >> enough. andy, goodbye. >> bye. >> courtney, always a pleasure. bill shultz, you suck. jim norton, aso


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